Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 1153 - Fighting for Level 2 Jade Pendant Magic Weapons   

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Chapter 1153: Fighting for Level 2 Jade Pendant Magic Weapons


Chi Shuyan glanced at the pale faces of the boys in front of her, then at the gradually disappearing profiles in the frames, and said, “It’s fine! Instead, it would be a problem if your pictures still remained in these frames!”

Chi Shuyan had a rough idea what it was that had incited the old ghost to act. She had given the boys talismans to protect their lives, so those things didn’t dare touch them.

In the end, the old ghost thought of a way to make them eat food for the dead. Generally speaking, eating a meal or two for the dead didn’t have much of an effect.

But that thing had set up a mourning hall for the boys and offered sacrifices as if they were dead. It would only have taken a few days for these boys to become dead for real.

Since their portraits in the photo frames had disappeared, that meant that there was no sign of these brats in the netherworld, and they were fine. Chi Shuyan casually recounted the matter.

Xiao Ningjin, Xiong Luotian, Jiang Duo, and Wei Panyang were even more terrified than when they saw a ghost. They were incomparably glad that Master Chi had appeared today. Otherwise, it would really be over for them!

Xiao Ningjin, Wei Panyang, Jiang Duo and Xiong Luoying immediately expressed fearfully that they would never eat anything from others so easily again. They would cook for themselves in the future, no matter how bad their cooking was.

The four of them looked miserable and held back tears. They had always thought of themselves as proud sons of heaven and had never cooked before. At the thought of eating what they cooked in the future, they were desperate and wanted to cry without tears. On second thought, though, their lives were still the most important.

Seeing the boys’ expressions, Chi Shuyan, who was also a foodie and had no talent for cooking, deeply felt that no matter how hard you tried, it might not necessarily be of use. In the end, Chi Shuyan gave the boys a business card for Imperial Restaurant and told them to order whatever they wanted to eat from there.

Xiao Ningjin, Wei Panyang and Jiang Duo subconsciously shook their heads, traumatized and terrified. “Master Chi, what if that thing attaches itself to the delivery guy and gives us something to eat?”

They didn’t want to die.

At the thought that they had eaten a lot of food for the dead cooked by that old ghost today, Xiao Ningjin and Wei Panyang immediately lost their appetite. They wanted to vomit, but couldn’t, and their faces were filled with horror.

Chi Shuyan planned to give Chef Li’s restaurant long-term business, and said, “I can’t guarantee anything about other restaurants, but I can guarantee that there are no problems with Imperial Restaurant. When the time comes, I can let them know! You can also tell them that you don’t need a person to send the food over!”

No need for a person to send the food over? Could it be a ghost sending the food instead?

Xiao Ningjin, Wei Panyang, Xiong Luoying and Jiang Duo blurted out the thought teasingly. They thought that Master Chi would immediately deny it. After all, Celestial Masters and ghosts were natural enemies. Who would have thought that Master Chi would nod seriously after she thought about it?

Xiao Ningjin, Jiang Duo, Wei Panyang and Xiong Luoying: …

Jiang Duo’s lips trembled. “Master… Master Chi, let’s not joke around!”

He panicked at the thought of anything related to ghosts, okay?

The others hurriedly nodded. Ever since they found out about ghosts, they felt that it hadn’t been easy for them to survive until now.

They really didn’t want to see ghosts anymore. Xiao Ningjin and the others suspected that they would subconsciously be traumatized when they saw Mother Wei in the future. However, Mother Wei was Wei Panyang’s mother, so it wasn’t good to say this outright.

Chi Shuyan took in their terrified and tense expressions. She knew that she had helped scare them out of their wits today, so she didn’t force them. She thought to herself that it hadn’t been easy to find an imperial chef to open a restaurant. These kids could only blame their bad luck if they didn’t want to try it. She nodded and said, “Up to you! You can cook for yourselves.”

Xiao Ningjin had the vague feeling that Imperial Restaurant had something to do with Master Chi, which was why she recommended it.

Chi Shuyan nodded and said, “It does have something to do with me. The head chef of that restaurant is on my side. But you don’t have to deliberately order food from there because of me. It’s not bad to cook for yourself. It’s practical and cheap!”

Xiao Ningjin still wanted to say more, but Jiang Duo suddenly cried out and pointed at the faintly discernible black and white photo of Chang Hao. “Master Chi, Ah Hao’s photo is still there!”

Chi Shuyan strode over and took down the faintly discernible photo of Chang Hao. She stuck a talisman on it, and Chang Hao’s profile gradually disappeared as the portrait turned into a blank piece of paper. “It’s fine!”

Chi Shuyan raised her hand to look at the time. Thinking of Zhen Yu’s boyfriend’s treat, she handed all the jade pendants to Jiang Duo, and also instructed that two of them were for Father and Mother Wei. Of course, before she left, she didn’t forget to remind Wei Panyang that he had to pay more later.

When the group saw the jade pendants, their eyes lit up. Even Jiang Duo, who had a jade pendant to begin with, stared with wide eyes and drooled.

He counted the jade pendants, and everyone pretty much had one. When he heard that Father and Mother Wei also had jade pendants, which was to say, Wei Panyang had three, his eyes immediately turned red with envy and hatred, as did those of the other boys. They immediately stared at Wei Panyang in disbelief.

When Wei Panyang heard that Master Chi had even prepared jade pendants for his parents, he was overjoyed and excited. He hurriedly nodded. “Master Chi, I have money. My family has money. I’ll pay for three jade pendants immediately.”

He was afraid that Master Chi didn’t want his money and would want him to return the jade pendants.

Chi Shuyan said, “50 million each!”

Wei Panyang didn’t think it was expensive at all, but he really didn’t have such a huge sum at the moment. He said that he would pay 50 million first, and he would transfer the rest of the money tomorrow!

Chi Shuyan shook her head. “It’s fine, don’t rush or you might put in the wrong account number. This jade pendant is a high-grade Level 2 magic weapon, so it’s twice as expensive as a Level 1 magic weapon. Of course, if any of you feel it’s expensive, you can tell me. I’ll refine a Level 1 magic weapon tomorrow or the day after, and you can switch. It’s 30 million!”

In fact, she didn’t really want to sell Level 2 magic weapons. They were still quite rare on Earth, but she didn’t have time to make Level 1 jade pendants at the moment. In addition, the thing which these boys had provoked was extremely extraordinary. After thinking about it, it was more reliable to sell them Level 2 magic weapons, so she took out the jade pendants from her Cosmos Ring and gave them to the boys.

With these jade pendants, more powerful evil spirits wouldn’t dare approach them easily.

To demonstrate that they weren’t wasting their money, Chi Shuyan casually explained the use of this jade pendant, saying that it had more spiritual energy than a Level 1 jade pendant. Wearing it for a long time could nourish the body. It was very good for healing internal injuries.

Moreover, it had defensive powers and could save a person’s life three times. After three times, however, it would be useless once the spiritual energy was depleted.

Afraid that the boys didn’t know what the last sentence meant, Chi Shuyan said that if a person was accidentally hit by a car, as long as they wore this jade pendant, it could save their life and ensure they were fine. For example, if Shi Ran had worn this jade pendant last time, even if that ghost thing stabbed him dozens of times, the jade pendant would automatically block the bullet for him, and nothing would happen to him.

But this jade pendant could only be used three times. After three times, it would run out of spiritual energy and would be useless!

Of course, this thing could still ward off powerful evil spirits. With this thing, evil spirits wouldn’t dare approach them easily.

The more Chi Shuyan spoke, the brighter Xiao Ningjin, Jiang Duo, Wei Panyang and Xiong Luoying’s eyes became.

After Chi Shuyan finished speaking, their eyes opened wide and they stared at the jade pendants in Jiang Duo’s hands with burning eyes. They almost snatched them away!

The boys occasionally stared at Chi Shuyan and then at Wei Panyang, their eyes bloodshot. If they had only been envious and hateful of Wei Panyang before, now that they knew the true use of these jade pendants, their eyes really turned red with envy at the thought that Wei Panyang had three.

Jiang Duo wished he could secretly swallow up all the jade pendants he was holding. This was simply a hundred times better than the Nourishment Pills. How he wanted them!

The gazes of Xiao Ningjin, Xiong Luoying and the others gave Wei Panyang the creeps. How could he not know what the others were thinking? He couldn’t wait to pay for all the jade pendants in full so that they wouldn’t dare covet them anymore.

Afraid that something would happen halfway, Wei Panyang hurriedly paid Master Chi and snatched three jade pendants from Jiang Duo. He thanked Chi Shuyan and ran away.

Jiang Duo was caught off guard, and Wei Panyang snatched up three of the jade pendants. Jiang Duo’s heart ached. When Xiao Ningjin and the others saw Wei Panyang grab three at once, their hearts ached even more and they wanted to vomit blood with envy. However, under Chi Shuyan’s gaze, they obediently took one each.

“Okay, give these jade pendants to Chang Hao and Mother Wei. They should wake up soon! Jiang Duo, help me give it to them!”

Jiang Duo was fine. After all, he still had one around his neck. Although it was only a Level 1 magic weapon, he didn’t feel the difference as much as Xiao Ningjin and Xiong Luoying. Xiao Ningjin and Xiong Luoying took their jade pendants but refused to leave. They gritted their teeth and looked at Chi Shuyan with burning eyes. “Master Chi, I have a lot of money!”

“Master Chi, I also have a lot of money!”

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