Bigshot Gives in to His Wife Again-Chapter 289 - : 287

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Chapter 289 - 289: 287

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Gu Jinxi widened his eyes and squinted, trying hard to get a better view.

The gigantic LED screen magnified every detail of the person inside, even the faint beauty mark at the corner of their eye was clearly visible.

The person on the screen wore a hat and a mask, revealing only a glimpse of their eyes, making it difficult to identify them.

Moreover, the voice sounded unfamiliar, and he hadn’t heard it anywhere before.

After scrutinizing for a while, he couldn’t make out anything specific, so he gave up.

He messaged Lu Miao to ask where she had gone. Her reply came quickly, saying that she had gone outside to buy some drinks.

Gu Jinxi couldn’t help feeling regretful. Second sister-in-law had prepared such a big surprise for him, yet he was so careless that he forgot to provide water. Now he had to let her buy it herself.

The announcement for the participants to enter the arena for inspection had started.

Gu Jinxi had no choice but to send a message to Lu Miao to go ahead and enter the arena.

A few minutes later, a staff member accompanied a girl dressed in a racing suit and wearing a helmet. She looked elegant and walked past him.

When she reached Gu Jinxi, she stopped and extended her hand toward him.

“Hello, Gu Jinxi.” Gu Jinxi blinked and stammered, “You…” Are you Q?”

“It’s me.”

Gu Ziheng took a sharp intake of breath. Oh my god, the goddess was right in front of him!

However, the visor on the front of the goddess’s helmet was down, and he couldn’t clearly see her face.

He reached out and shook her hand, blushing as he spoke, “Hello, thank you for the VCR you recorded for me earlier. Also, thank you for coming to race with me. Um, could you take a photo and sign an autograph for me?”

Gu Ziheng was now the embodiment of a devoted fanboy, his eyes twinkling with stars.

Q readily fulfilled all his requests—taking a photo, signing an autograph, and even exchanging some tips and insights on racing.

“I watched a few of your races before. You seem to have a slight issue with your handling in turns…”

Gu Ziheng had never imagined that Q the goddess herself, would personally watch his races, let alone offer such thoughtful analysis and note down every aspect where he needed improvement.

For a moment, he listened with unprecedented seriousness, eager to jot down every word she said in a notebook.

As they were talking, a few staff members carried a long board over from the other side.

The board was so tall that they couldn’t see Gu Jinxi standing at the edge of it. The board was about to collide with his head.

Q on the other side quickly reached out and pulled Gu Jinxi aside.

With a muffled thud, the thick edge of the board hit Lu Miao’s wrist.

Gu Jinxi was startled and quickly turned to look.

In an instant, Lu Miao’s wrist had turned red and swollen.

The staff members were also taken aback and couldn’t set the board down in time. They hurriedly apologized.

Lu Miao waved her hand, indicating that she was fine and urging them to continue with their work.

Gu Jinxi watched her, feeling helpless. Although she said she was fine and it hadn’t affected her bones, such a large red and swollen area would likely result in severe bruising later in the evening.

Moreover, the race was about to begin, and any injury to her wrist, such a crucial position, could impact the race’s outcome.

“I’m sorry.”

Seeing his downcast expression, Lu Miao ruffled his hair and said, “If you really feel sorry, then aim for first place and give it your all in the race!” “Okay,” Gu Jinxi nodded earnestly.

The race started soon after. Gu Jinxi concentrated wholeheartedly on the track, pushing himself to the limit. As the race progressed, he took the lead, his determination evident.

Qhad analyzed some of his shortcomings before, and Gu Jinxi remembered every detail and corrected them promptly. The results seemed much better than before.

This was a group stage, and Gu Ziheng and Qwere not in the same group. They needed both of them to advance to the finals to meet each other.

As the finish line drew nearer, there was only one car beside Gu Jinxi’s, neck and neck with him. With only one turn left, Gu Jinxi pursed his lips, focused his mind, and followed Q’s advice by slightly adjusting his direction. He cut his car to the innermost part of the curve and, utilizing the immense inertia, executed a beautiful drift, overtaking the other car.

Finally, Gu Jinxi, as expected, secured first place in their group and advanced directly to the finals.

Gu Jinxi quickly dashed to the changing room to change his clothes. He was about to head to the other side of the arena to find Qwhen he realized that the matches for the other group had also concluded, and Qwas nowhere to be found.

Hastily, he checked the results of the matches in that group. Fortunately, Qhad also advanced as the first-place finisher in her group.

Gu Jinxi finally breathed a sigh of relief. If the goddess Qhad lost her first-place spot in her group because of saving him, he would have felt guilty for the rest of his life.

After searching for a while without finding her, he had no choice but to go to the VIP spectator area to find Lu Miao.

As he reached the spectator area, he happened to encounter Lu Miao walking over from the other side.

He immediately ran over joyfully and excitedly said, “Sister-in-law, did you help me find Goddess Q?”

Lu Miao smiled and nodded, “You performed well. Congratulations on securing first place in your group.”

“Hehe, thanks, Sister-in-law! Thanks to you, Goddess Q provided me with so much analysis and guidance.

Gu Jinxi went overboard with praising, “Unfortunately, Goddess was wearing a helmet and mask, completely concealing herself. I couldn’t see anything clearly.”

He lamented, then turned to Lu Miao and was about to speak, but suddenly exclaimed, “Oh!”

He took a step forward, bent down, and brought his head closer to Lu Miao to observe her closely.

“What’s the matter?” Lu Miao raised her hand to touch her face.

Gu Jinxi blinked and then gently pointed at the corner of her eye with his finger.

“Goddess Qhas a beauty mark here at the corner of her eye. Sister-in-law, you have a beauty mark here too.”

Although he spent nearly all day with Lu Miao, he hadn’t noticed before. It was only when he carefully observed that he realized there was also a beauty mark at the corner of Lu Miao’s eye..

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