Bigshot Gives in to His Wife Again-Chapter 290 - : 288

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Chapter 290 - 290: 288

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“This is truly a coincidence!” Gu Jinxi curiously gazed at the beauty mark at the corner of Lu Miao’s eye. The more he looked, the more he felt that it resembled Goddess Q’s mark. The resemblance was striking, down to the exact position.

“Good-looking faces are all similar. Perhaps beautiful people share some resemblances,” Lu Miao responded calmly, casually touching the corner of her eye.

After pondering for a moment, Gu Jinxi nodded in agreement. “That’s not a bad point. Although I haven’t seen Goddess Q’s face, I’m sure she’s stunning, just like you, Sister-in-law.”

There were a total of four matches in the group stage—two in the morning and two in the afternoon. The grand finals were a week away, and Gu Jinxi had already secured his spot in the next round. With afternoon classes to attend, they didn’t linger at the race track.

After leaving the racing venue, they went directly to a nearby restaurant called “Tianxianglou” for lunch. Tianxianglou was known for its skilled chefs and naturally came with a high price tag, attracting various celebrities and dignitaries.

Lu Miao went to the restroom after finishing her meal. As she returned, the door of a private room happened to open, and a woman in her thirties supported another woman dressed in a white dress as they emerged.

Seemingly troubled by something, even in broad daylight, the woman in white appeared tipsy, her eyes swollen from crying.

Holding onto the other woman’s arm, she cried while speaking, “That little vixen is barely in her teens. What’s so good about her being young? He’s fallen for such a low-quality girl. He actually divorced me for her, and not only that, he doesn’t want the child either. He kicked us out with nothing, as if he’s still human!”

“Don’t be sad. It must be that little vixen causing trouble behind the scenes. I’ll have Sun Cheng look into it again and try to find a good lawyer to help you. If he’s been unfaithful, he should be the one leaving with nothing,” the woman beside her comforted in a hushed tone.

“I’m not sad about the divorce. I’m heartbroken that he’s lost his mind over that trashy girl and doesn’t want our child,” the woman in the white dress said tearfully.

Lu Miao reached the corner of the corridor just as their voices faded. The two women hadn’t noticed her presence. Furthermore, the woman in the white dress was quite drunk, speaking without any restraint.

“They’re a pair of scoundrels. Even if I die, I won’t spare them.”

The other woman lowered her voice. “Keep your voice down. That girl, Lu Siyu, is in the entertainment industry now. These small-time celebrities fear being exposed as home-wreckers the most. I know a few media friends; I’ll see if they can help leak this information.”

“It’s useless. Lu Siyu is his beloved now. He’s already greased the wheels with the media. There’s no way to reveal the dirt.”

“By the way, didn’t you mention last time that something seemed off about him? Like he had been drugged or something? Should we consult a doctor or a master for help?”

Their voices grew fainter as they moved away.

Lu Miao arched an eyebrow slightly. Lu Siyu?

Based on their conversation earlier, the woman in the white dress was likely the wife of Zhang, the CEO of Galaxy Group.

Gu Xingyu had a simple and arrogant nature. Even if someone had orchestrated a car accident against her, it probably wouldn’t have occurred to them to disable the surveillance cameras first.

She couldn’t believe that Lu Siyu wasn’t behind this. With the information at hand, she couldn’t deny it.

Now that her tasks were completed, it was time to settle the score with her.

Returning to the private room, they descended the stairs together to settle the bill.

When they reached the entrance, Gu Jinxi immediately suggested,

“Sister-in-law, you wait here. I’ll go get the car and drive you back to school.”

Gu Jinxi glanced at the two figures stumbling toward the parking lot just after settling the bill. “No need. I have something to take care of. I’ll head back on my own.”

Curious, Gu Jinxi asked without thinking, “Sister-in-law, can you drive? Do you want me to leave the car with you?”

“That would be nice,” Lu Miao agreed with a nod.

Gu Jinxi didn’t dwell on it and simply handed her the car keys, opting to hail a taxi for himself. Only when he was in the taxi did he realize that Lu Miao actually knew how to drive.

He didn’t underestimate rural folks; it’s just that Lu Miao had grown up in a remote and impoverished area under the mistreatment of the Song family. She hadn’t had the opportunity to learn how to drive, as their village didn’t even own a single car.

However, Lu Miao was intelligent, and it probably wasn’t a big deal for her to learn driving. It wasn’t surprising that she had picked it up during her time in Luo City.

Yet, for some reason, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was amiss.

After purchasing the racing track in his return to China, Q Goddess hadn’t been to the track for practice. Lu Miao could drive, and she had the same tear mole as Q Goddess.

All these pieces of information jumbled together left a lingering feeling that something was missing, though he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

With his head spinning, Gu Jinxi tried to sort through his thoughts. After a while, he slapped his own head in frustration and decided not to dwell on it any further.

Lu Miao headed straight towards the parking lot, watching as the two women got into their car before she followed suit.

The car came to a stop outside an aging residential complex. Lu Miao observed as the woman in the white dress stepped out of the car and entered the complex before she left.

That evening, upon returning home, Lu Miao opened her computer and checked online. There were only scattered snippets of news about CEO Zhang’s divorce, mainly found on a gossip forum. The posts mentioned a certain CEO’s affair leading to a divorce, the wife and child being hastily driven out of the house for the other woman. The wife’s plight was pitiable, left with nowhere to


Based on the provided clues, some netizens had deduced it was linked to Galaxy Group.

Apart from that, there was no information about the divorce or the other woman. It seemed like there had been a deliberate effort to erase those details.

If she hadn’t bumped into her today, finding Mrs. Zhang would have been quite troublesome.

The following morning, disguised, Lu Miao took a taxi to the outskirts of the same residential complex she had tracked yesterday. She then pulled out a small stool and a sign that read, “Three Divinations in a Day,” placing them at the side of the road near the entrance of the complex.

As expected, not long after, the woman, Mrs. Zhang, emerged from the complex, wearing a worried expression on her face..

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