Global Lord: 100% Drop Rate-Chapter 845 - Incite Defection!

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Chapter 845 - 845 Incite Defection!

845 Incite Defection!

“To the appointment…”

The Heavenly Bodhisattva of Light—Royegar’s eyes lit up, then he hesitated and said, “But I haven’t helped you yet.”

“In that case, after settling the matters here, bring your Vajra Bit Buddha back with me.”

Zhou Zhou said.


Royegar nodded without hesitation this time.

“He” looked at the eight Galaxy spaceships behind Zhou Zhou with envy in his eyes. Then, he said,

“I’ll open the Three Ages Tathagata’s Nation Protection Array now. Get your spaceship to dock. I’ll open the spaceship’s berth.”

Zhou Zhou was not surprised.

He had cultivated in the Immeasurable Capital City of the Saha World for more than ten years, so he naturally knew that the various facilities in this Capital City were very complete.

Even though the Saha Empire did not have a factory to build spaceships, they had come into contact with the Machina race, a super technological civilization, in their long history.

In addition, there were also things like spirit boats and ferrymen professions within the human race. Therefore, the capitals of the five empires and many other places had set up some facilities like berths.

“I’m not stopping.”

“The fog monster faction won’t give up the advantage of the night.”

“The battle on my side might start tonight.”

“The sooner we resolve the crisis of the Saha Empire, the sooner I can return.”

“Tell me about your situation here first.”

“Then give me your Faction Quests.”

Zhou Zhou said.

Royegar was stunned by Zhou Zhou’s straightforwardness.

Why was it that the crisis of the Saha Empire could be so casually mentioned by him?

However, when he thought of this guy’s previous battle results, Royegar calmed down.

The other party indeed had the confidence to say this.

“Currently, the Saha Empire is surrounded by five Empire-level Scarlet Legions, more than 50 Lord factions of kingdoms, and a large number of scattered low-level fog monster factions that want to take advantage of the situation.”

“There are about 1.2 billion of them in total.”

“If not for the fact that our Saha Empire has always valued the construction of regional city defense arrays and that Buddhist cultivators are very good at defending and protecting themselves, our Saha Empire would probably have been destroyed on the fifth day of the calamity.”

When Royegar said this, his expression was very calm.

“But even so…”

“After a long period of defense, more than half of our Saha Empire’s defense power was gradually consumed.”

“Now, our Saha Empire has lost almost half of its territory, and more than half of our Buddhist soldiers and Subject Believers have died.”

“All we can do now is defend the remaining regional territories of the Empire.”

“But the attacks of those fog monsters are getting more and more violent.”

“According to our judgment, if no reinforcements arrive, we can only hold on for another half a month at most. Then, the entire country will die and be completely destroyed.”

Zhou Zhou’s expression changed when he heard that.

More than half of the Buddhist soldiers and Subject Believers had died?

It had to be known that for a junior Empire-level Lord faction like the Saha Empire, the number of soldiers and ordinary Subjects combined was at least five billion!

If more than half of them died, didn’t that mean that more than two billion humans in the Saha Empire had already died in this calamity of the myriad races? Moreover, there were more soldiers and Subjects every second, constantly enduring the slaughter of the fog monsters?

It seemed that the Saha Empire was indeed the most miserable among the five empires after the Buddha’s nirvana.

“Give me a map of the Saha Empire. It needs to record the specific information on the distribution of the fog monsters.” Zhou Zhou said.

When Royegar heard this, he immediately took out a jade slip from the prayer beads hanging around his neck and handed it to Zhou Zhou.

From the looks of it, this prayer bead was “His” spatial treasure.

Zhou Zhou did not care about this. After receiving the jade slip, he entered it with his consciousness and saw the map.

On the map, the huge Saha Empire had already been divided into two parts. One was real and the other was fake.

Among them, the map area with a solid line was only a third of the size. It was the territory of the current Saha Empire that had yet to be captured.

The map area with a dotted line took up two-thirds of the map’s size. It was the territory of the Empire that had already been captured.

At this moment, a large number of red fog dots were besieging the remaining unoccupied territory of the Saha Empire.

Zhou Zhou’s gaze landed on the spot with the densest red fog.

[Epic-Tier Territory—Youpoli City!]

It read:

This place was besieged by an Empire-level Scarlet Army called Demonshine.

Just this Empire-level Scarlet Army alone had gathered a total of 200 million fog monster troops!

Even though Youpoli City was the famous “Monks City” of the Saha Empire, with a large number of powerful Buddhist cultivators gathered there, the combat power of the entire city was extraordinary.

Even so, this place was already on the verge of being breached.

Zhou Zhou did not hesitate and chose this place as the first place to send troops.

“Bring your Vajra Realm Buddha and come with me. We’ll first deal with the fog monster faction that besieged Youpo Li City.”

Zhou Zhou said.


Royegar nodded and immediately flew down. Then, he quickly brought back five Vajra Realm Buddhas comparable to the Low-Tier Deity Level from the Immeasurable Imperial City. Then, they boarded the Galaxy and flew in the direction of Youpo City.

A moment later…

Zhou Zhou and the others had arrived at Youpoli City.

The huge Youpoli City was being besieged by a large number of fog monsters.

More than half of the city wall had been broken through. A large number of monks held Buddhist staffs, Buddhist prayer beads, wooden fish, and other treasures that emitted the light of treasures. They rushed forward one after another and fought with the fog monster soldiers who wanted to rush in.

However, under the attack of the fog monsters, the battle scene was very tragic, and the casualties were extremely heavy.

“The walls of Youpoli City have been breached!”

Royegar’s expression changed when he saw this.

Youpoli City was one of the Saha Empire’s most powerful military fortresses. “He” had thought that this place could last for a few more days.

“He” could not help but feel deeply grateful.

Fortunately, the city walls had only been broken and not massacred. They still had a chance to save the city.

On the other side, when Zhou Zhou saw this scene, he did not say anything else. He directly ordered Bai Yun to charge out with two billion soldiers to deal with the misty soldiers of the Demonic Light Scarlet Legion.

Zhou Zhou had also activated his last Incite Defection on these fog monsters today. As a result, he had once again induced 50 million fog monsters. Among them, Legendary-Tier fog monsters alone had been induced to rank 96!

“Today, just by instigating the Incite Defection, I’ve already obtained a subordinate with 100 million combat power!”

Zhou Zhou nodded slightly and at the same time…


Cessier also flew out of Galaxy with the army.

It looked at the vast number of fog monster soldiers below, its sky-blue dragon eyes nervous and excited.

Then, it roared and summoned thousands of Legendary-Tier wind blades to charge at the fog monsters.