MTL - Han’s Son is Not a Slave


Authors : arrogant heart

Status : Completed

Genres : Historical , Military

Chapters: 1193

Last update: a year ago

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What is 'MTL' at the prefix of novel?

-> MTL Novel is a RAW Novel that is translated by using automatic Machine Translation (MTL), so we can translate the novels faster than human translation.

The wind follows the dragon, the cloud follows the tiger, fame and fortune, dust and soilLooking at Shenzhou, the people are suffering, thousands of miles of fertile land are barrenLook at the world, make all the hustlers, and make up for the incompleteness of heavenGood man, don't be parents, only for the common people, not for the LordHolding ninety-nine steel knives, killing Hu ErfangI am a dignified man, why am I a barbarian as a horse and an oxThe strong man drank the wine in his bowl, and he traveled thousands of miles without looking backThe golden drums roared in unison, everyone roared, never breaking the Huanglong oath!In the eleventh year of the Shunzhi reign in the pseudo-Qing Dynasty, Zhou Shixiang, a Han from Xinhui in Guangdong, said, "My Han man will never be a slave!" - Description from novelbuddy