MTL - My Beast Master is Really Not An Evil God


Authors : dusk crow

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Fantasy , Xuanhuan

Chapters: 163

Last update: a year ago

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Lu Yu came to a strange beast-monitoring world where evil gods peeped in and ancient taboos revived from the depths of time.In this world, birds, beasts, mountains, rivers, and even elements can be born and turned into pet beasts spiritually. Among them, the powerful ones themselves are ecological niches, radiating out ecological secrets such as the secret realm of the underworld, the kingdom of bones, the lair of succubi, and the kingdom of heavenly trees, giving birth to countless Dependents.The beast master makes a contract with the beast, cultivates it, and controls the spirituality.After witnessing the [Forbidden Sun] incident, Lu Yu gained the ability to extract materials from all things in the world and edit [Secret Food].Evolve the secret food, with [Broken Twilight World] + [Ancient Dragon Dead Egg] = Final Banquet, after the royal beast eats it, it evolves into the Final Dragon God, the twilight realm erodes the world, and becomes the God of Doomsday.The skill secret food is the skill of controlling beasts to plunder all things, to become omniscient and omnipotent, to sacrifice secret food to intercept taboo time, to sacrifice ancient existence, and to blaspheme the gods.And his style of painting the beast has also become weird.There is the dream of weaving all living beings, the spider shadow that entwines the ancient dragon with spider silk, and the Crimson Lord that pollutes the multiverse, and there is the Devourer of Worlds that feeds on the worldIn this regard, he explained: "My beast masters are just a little weird, they are really not evil gods!" - Description from novelbuddy