MTL - My Beast Master is Really Not An Evil God-Chapter 152 Disciples who fool all beings! Emperor Shu Tian's highlight moment (

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  Chapter 152 The disciple who fools all beings! The highlight moment of Emperor Shutian (ask for monthly ticket)

  The sky is bright, the eternal sun has just risen, and the golden light tears the night.

   Above the wilderness, it was supposed to be the end of the carnival feast of the monsters, but at this moment, it turned into a series of powerful figures driving the beasts, flying through the sky, running across the ground, drilling through the ground, etc...

  The lowest level is the middle gold level, and there are many strong people at the level of spiritual transformation, exuding a powerful aura, which makes the monsters tremble in fear, for fear of bumping into this group of powerful guys, and then being shot to death.

  Although they have different means, they share a common goal...

   That is an ecological mystery in an independent space located on the west side of Dayuan City, hundreds of kilometers away—the nest of corruption.

  It is composed of dense forests, swamps, streams and other environments. It seems that it is not much different from other ecological secrets, but there is a special creature living in it, named-corrupt miasma poisonous bee.

  A bee-eating beast with a dark green appearance and a body shape comparable to a calf. The spikes on the tail are inverted triangles, which are highly poisonous. It inherits the usual practice of the insect system. It likes to live in groups and is bred and ruled by the queen bee.

  Although they look hideous and terrifying, they are not pure carnivorous creatures like wasps, but honey.

   It’s just that it’s not all kinds of flowers, but…

   Corrupted flesh and blood!

Like vultures, they have a special liking for the flesh and blood of decaying creatures. Through a soft, knobbly, hairy, long snout with lips at the front end, and through the racial skill [Miasma Kiss], they can get rid of the decayed flesh and blood full of germs. In the process, a special "blood honey" is extracted.

These special "blood honey" are sucked into the honey sac by the corrupt miasma poisonous bees, and at the same time, they will be mixed with the secretion of the mandibular gland - miasma inverting enzyme, for special spiritual mixing, repeated brewing of honey juice and non-stop fanning Evaporation of water accelerates conversion and concentration until the honey is fully ripe.

   And these "honey", after being processed by the logistics bees, are transformed into a special and extraordinary product—rotten blood honey.

  It contains highly poisonous, which cannot be consumed by humans, but it can be used to increase the toxin power of poisonous pets, and it can also be used to make some special potions to get rid of the poisonous curse.

During this collection process, the bee colony will discharge a large amount of miasma, and over time, it will cover the entire secret realm, forming a special ecological environment of miasma. Except for the bee colony, other life forms will be eroded by the miasma. Attributes and miasma life can survive in it.

  Because of the long time of existence, coupled with the erosion of miasma, a large number of bee colonies, and its harsh environment, a large number of abnormal creatures with spiritual imbalance will appear, so the exploration is extremely difficult and cannot be studied in depth.

  Alliance researchers can only roughly speculate that the formation of this secret realm is related to the ancestor of the corrupt miasma poisonous bee or a certain powerful miasma life.

  Combined with its characteristic of repelling the entry of the morning star stage, it is recognized as a four-star secret realm.

   According to Lu Yu's sales information, the location of the Ascending Spirit Tree is in this secret realm.

  Boom! Boom! Boom!

On the ground, a huge golden-armored baboon came running, leaving powerful footprints where it passed, and frequently jumped with stones, like an armored vehicle in full swing, crushing everything in front of him .

   A few little goblins who had no time to escape, these evil creatures that like to attack caravans in the wilderness and trouble people, without the slightest resistance, they were trampled into a puddle of meat.


  The golden-armored baboon beat his chest with his fists, and knocked on the golden armor, making a roar like a drum, extremely overbearing.

   Qi Changhai, dressed in white, stood on top of the golden-armored baboon, his clothes rattling, and he looked like a master, and said calmly:

"See, this is the strength of the golden-armored baboon after it has entered spiritual transformation. If it enters the Morning Star rank, one punch is enough to collapse a hill. If it is close to it in the same rank, it can only be beaten. If it can always devour high-level In the end, there is even a chance to become the legendary top-level monarch beast—the earth Beamon.

  Even if it doesn’t work, the spiritual jigsaw puzzle [Mountain-moving Hercules] that I have also researched as a father can continue to be perfected in the future, becoming a mountain-moving giant, etc., which theoretically has the potential to push everything horizontally. "

   Qi Wei behind him listened to the old father's rhetoric, and asked curiously:

   "Can that beat Lu Yu?"


  Qi Changhai's face is darkened, don't you want to carry which pot without opening it?

   Don't force me to fan you on such a happy day!

  Since the last time he almost had a tiger's poison, he started the plan to raise a trumpet, and after half a month of soaking goji berries in a thermos, he suddenly felt...

  This son can still be saved!

Although the second child did not come out, Qi Changhai had a breakthrough in his will, and the level that had been troubled for more than ten years was easily broken, and then he sublimated his spirituality with the original copper he had obtained long ago, and became a strong man with spiritual transformation. .

   Therefore, after getting the invitation letter from Happy Street, Qi Changhai, who is dressed in straight characters, definitely has no interest in the banshees, succubi, mountain monsters, mermaids, etc. in it.

   Never heard of it either!

   It was just to show the children a glimpse of the world and broaden their horizons, so I reluctantly went to see it. I also participated in the last conch fair and bought information about the original Ascension Tree.

Lu Yu's performance was naturally also seen by him. Facing the trap, using a little tricks turned into a way to make money. He played with the beast master who was far stronger than him, and made money every time he came back. several million.

   He couldn't help but feel like a generation behind waves pushing forward waves, especially Lu Yu's waves... were so powerful that he had no temper on the beach.

  If it was in the previous ruins, facing the little spider manipulating the Ruin Gundam, even the Golden Armored Baboon after spiritual transformation, would be chopped into eighteen pieces.

  That kid is a monster!

  ‘I guess no one would have imagined that the kid who was considered self-deprecating by everyone at the beginning has now become the future star of the frontier...’

   Thinking of what he said before, Qi Changhai blushed a little, but the shame only lasted for a moment, and it turned into envy of other people's children. As for his own...

  Just stay in the room and write small essays all day long, laughing strangely, chanting strange words like "exploded", "exploded", "Lu Yu is awesome".

   This made his old father very anxious, but he wanted to defeat Lu Yu... This dream is too ambitious, one must know how to weigh the pros and cons...

   It’s good to have a different dream!

  For example, this time, it was obviously a trap aimed at Lu Yu. After he took the money and left, he would definitely not come again.

  That's why Qi Changhai wanted to help his son **** the original Ascension Fruit.

  If Qi Wei can be transformed into a golden rank of blue-gold spiritual power and strengthen his background, maybe he can catch up with Lu Yu and become one of the top frontier geniuses in the future.

  My son is worthy of a monarch!

  Qi Wei doesn't believe in this big cake, after all, his father has just evolved, so how could he beat a group of old-fashioned spiritual transformation powerhouses.

   Fortunately, the golden-armored baboon is notoriously resistant to beatings, and can run away even if he can't be beaten. In addition, he can avoid Yu Xiyan, a terrifying woman, so he is willing to join in the fun.

  During this period, Qi Wei made a lot of money because of Lu Yu's edited video, which made him popular, but he kept half of it as a copyright fee for buying high-quality material in the future.

  Qi Wei never went whoring for nothing in his whole life!

   But next, he must seize the time to improve his strength, otherwise he will not have the strength to follow Lu Yu.

   You can't be the master of a pigeon fine up, right?

  If Qi Changhai knew that the reason why his son wanted to fight was just to follow the film, he would probably burst into tears.

   Soon, the two arrived at the periphery of [Nest of Corruption], and they could see an area shrouded in miasma, dead silent and gloomy.

   It seems that it still exists in this world, but when you actually walk in, you will be pulled into a special space.

At this time, a large number of beast masters and alien races have gathered near the secret realm, and there are many well-known figures, but they did not gather together, but kept a safe distance, behind them there are all kinds of powerful beasts, An elemental beast that exudes a terrifying aura.

  But no one is in a hurry to enter the secret realm.

  Qi Wei asked curiously: "Why don't they go in?"

   "Are you a tiger?"

  Qi Changhai couldn't help but glared at him, and said angrily:

   "Have you forgotten that this time the intelligence was suspected to be fishing, although Lu Yu muddied the water, making it impossible for the black hands behind the scenes to ambush.

  But there is no guarantee that they will catch this misunderstanding of thinking, do the opposite, continue to set traps, and single-handedly pick out those who are alone.

   In addition, it is very likely that they have already mixed into the crowd. If they go in first, the probability of being stabbed in the back is very high. "

   "Isn't this the werewolf killing..."

  Qi Wei thought of a board game that has been very popular recently, and looked at everyone with vigilance, always feeling that everyone looks like a werewolf.

  After all, in the real world, there is no witch's potion to revive. Once you die, you will be completely finished.

  Qi Changhai shook his head helplessly, compared to Lu Yu's method of flipping his hands to cloud and cover his hands to rain, his son is too tender.

   "They are all the same age, how can there be such a big gap, Qi Wei's grades seem to be not much different from Lu Yu's, the only difference is that he died... Well, this topic cannot continue."

  Qi Changhai quickly suppressed a certain idea, otherwise he would be easily sacrificed to heaven.

   "I didn't expect Qi Changhai to be promoted to spiritual transformation!"

   "It seems that Lu Yu really left after making money, and his personality is cautious enough."

   "The next exploration will be troublesome, and it's not a problem to be stuck here..."


   Everyone noticed the arrival of the Qi family father and son, thought in their hearts, and were a little amazed at Lu Yu's decisiveness that he really didn't come.

   A batch of dogs!

  Without the God of War in the secret realm, the difficulty of the strategy rises sharply, not to mention that there are many ghosts in the crowd.

   Therefore, everyone just looked at each other in blank dismay, and the scene was silent.

  Finally, a handsome blond man stood up and said:

"It's not a problem to go on like this. According to the information, the original Ascending Spirit Fruit is about to mature, and there are already swarms of corrupt and poisonous bees guarding it. There is a queen bee with a beast master system, relying on the strength of one person alone Certainly not enough.

  So I suggest that everyone unite and attack the secret realm together. You can let trustworthy people take charge of the front and back. If someone wants to make trouble, everyone should surround him together. "

   After the voice fell, everyone bowed their heads and pondered the feasibility of this method.

   Soon, a bald and scarred man raised an objection, frowning and said:

   "There is only one original Ascending Spirit Fruit, so how should it be distributed? Don't tell me, it will be yours in the end."

"Of course, after clearing the obstacles, everyone will fight according to their own abilities. Don't hurt the harmony. If we can unite, we can completely clear the secret realm, wipe out the corrupt miasma hive, conquer the secret realm, and choose more treasures. There are secret treasures that can help you advance to Morning Star..."

  The blond man answered calmly, and then continued:

"I believe that many people have recognized my identity. If you can trust me, I can organize this operation. I will be responsible for everyone's safety, but when the time comes to distribute the spoils of the secret realm, just let me take an extra copy." .”

   "Who is this conspicuous bag?" Qi Wei asked in a low voice when he heard this.

  Qi Changhai muttered: "This guy is called Liang Kui, he is the leader of the Chasing Light Adventure Group in Dayuan City, second only to several large adventure groups, and he has reached the level of spiritual transformation a few years ago.

  He has always been this flamboyant person, and he likes to be the talker and mediate the conflicts between the various adventure groups. I just saw this guy, and I knew he would jump out and talk. "

  Qi Wei nodded, and saw that this guy's goal might not be the Ascension Spirit Fruit, but wanted to use his strength to conquer the secret realm and gain a lot of benefits.

   Sure enough, none of these veteran beast masters are simple, they are all old fritters.

  The bald man who asked the question before, his expression softened a little when he heard this, and he nodded and said:

   "Sounds okay..."

  The rest of the people are also a little moved. After all, this is also a method, which can supervise each other and is safer.

  Compared to the Ascending Spirit Fruit, the benefits of the secret realm also moved them quite a bit.

  As for Liang Kui taking’s normal, after all, it’s not beneficial, so why jump out, otherwise everyone will wonder what his purpose is?

  So everyone nodded in agreement, and Qi Changhai also joined in, and gradually moved closer.

   Liang Kui also smiled when he saw this, and when he began to arrange the formation according to the abilities of different pets, someone around him suddenly raised objections.

  A middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance came to him, frowned and said:

   "I think the plan is still a little loophole, one step is missing."

   "What's missing?"

  Liang Kui frowned slightly, feeling a little displeased in his heart, but still said with a warm smile on the surface:

   "If you have a suitable suggestion, you can put it forward and discuss it together."

  The middle-aged man nodded and said seriously:

  “I think this plan is missing one step, and it’s the most important thing—spirit first!”

  'Attack the heart? What kind of mental retardation is this, how can the queen bee and the bee colony still care about your psychological tactics, and they have lived a long life as a dog, no wonder they can't be promoted to the morning star...'

  Liang Kui cursed in his heart, but in order to unite everyone, he continued to speak in a gentle tone:

   "The suggestion is very good, but I feel that the queen bee should not be fooled, and she is not human..."

  Before he finished speaking, Liang Kui suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest, subconsciously lowered his head, only to find that the position of his heart had become a hollow.

   Here comes a heart-warming cooldown!

Relying on the vitality supported by spiritual power, he raised his head and found that in front of the ordinary-looking middle-aged man, there were tree roots imprinted with the pattern of the underworld, intertwined into big hands, holding a bloody, in a beating heart.

  Liang Kui felt the rapidly passing vitality, and said in disbelief:

"you you…"

   "I know you are in a hurry, but don't worry, you probably want to know my name, you can call me..."


When the middle-aged man spoke, a golden flame ignited on his body, but it was not hot. From the beginning to the end, it burned from the beginning to the end. In the blink of an eye, he changed from an ordinary man to a man wearing a felt hat and a dress. A man with a civilized stick in one hand.

  He pressed his hat, smiled and said:

   "The plan is complete only when the mental attack is completed!"


   After finishing speaking, the big hand condensed with the roots of the tree suddenly grabbed it, directly crushing the heart.

   This scene happened so quickly that everyone was stunned. They thought it was a silly criticism and wanted to attack the queen bee, but it turned out that they were playing a physical attack.

  Although the incident happened suddenly, everyone quickly distanced themselves from each other with wary eyes. Could it be that this guy is behind the scenes?

   "Damn it..."

  The heart was broken, shattering Liang Kui's last glimmer of hope, and his eyes were filled with hatred.

"kill him!"

   It wasn't Liang Kui who roared, but the bald man who raised the question earlier, and a black-haired old woman with a hideous face.

  The two pet beasts behind them rushed out, both of which were at the level of spiritual transformation. One was an ice mammoth covered in ice sculptures, and the other was a dark demon whose whole body was made of dark elements, with a humanoid upper body and cloud mist lower body.

   "Combination Skill - Extreme Ice Prison!"

   "Combination Skill - Dark Coil!"

  The power of ice swept across, and a path of frost spread out where it passed, and a large number of dark elements turned into tentacles and entangled overwhelmingly, enough to smash everything into slag.

  After seeing these two people make a move, the rest continued to distance themselves.


  The two descended together. First, the power of darkness smashed the area where the disciples were into slag, and then froze into a piece of icy hell.

  Shockingly, the disciples disappeared.

   "Teleportation? No, it's a phantom! So where did the real body go?"

  The bald man was shocked, his eyes swept away, and soon he saw the figure of the disciple at the entrance of the nest of corruption.

   "Not good, he wants to enter the secret realm, kill him quickly, this guy must be behind the scenes!"

  The old woman uttered a sharp cry, wanting to call on everyone to act together, but when she turned her head, she met the vigilant and suspicious eyes of the rest.

  She couldn't help but feel a thump in her heart, and secretly said badly.

   The shot was too hasty!

   Logically speaking, the first reaction of people who encounter things will be to protect themselves, but the bald man who raised the question is angry.

  The attitude of the passers-by is completely different from that shown before, and the cooperation is great!

  It's hard not to think of the relationship between them?

  Although the road may be uneven, the seeds of doubt have already been planted, and most people are ready to wait and see.

"I want you to die!"

   Seeing that the enemy was about to step into the secret realm, Liang Kui left gracefully. Liang Kui, whose vitality was constantly draining, was completely insane. With the last of his strength, he gave orders to his pet beast 【Light Chasing Knight】.

This is a humanoid pet beast, which is wearing golden sun-patterned heavy armor in appearance, without human flesh and blood, but the holy light shines from the gaps in the armor links. It is a full three meters high, holding a giant sword, bringing A strong sense of oppression.


After hearing the master's order, its soul began to burn, turning into majestic spiritual energy to suppress the heavy damage caused by the death of the beast master, and the holy light shone, turning into a beam of light soaring into the sky, waving the giant sword in its hand, It turned into a huge light blade and slashed away.

  Profound Truth—Judgment Light Blade!


  Accompanied by a huge roar, the Judgment Light Blade hit the disciple and exploded instantly, turning into a shock wave and sweeping in all directions, whipping up strong winds and howling smoke and dust.

Just when everyone thought that the disciple would be severely injured if he was not dead, the smoke cleared, and hundreds of full moon shields appeared around the disciple, overlapping each other. Although dense cracks appeared, they were not broken, and they blocked it forcibly. This blow.

   Being able to enter the secret realm shows that it is also a spiritual transformation.

  But it can hit the same level with full power under the crotch without any damage,

   What kind of monster is this?

  The disciple didn't look back from the beginning to the end, but walked into the secret realm leisurely, his body was engulfed by miasma.

"How can it be!?"

   This scene caused Liang Kui to let out an unwilling roar, and his vitality was completely lost, and he fell to the ground.

   And his light-chasing knight was also severely injured by the contract because of the death of the beast master. In addition, he burned his soul before, half-knelt on the ground, and disappeared as a light spot.

  Obviously has a strong strength, but because the beast master was attacked, he was forced to perish.

  Before reaching the morning star rank, although the physique of the beast master itself will be strengthened to far exceed that of ordinary people, it is still close to a qualitative change.

   But this is the distance between life and death!


  The bald man and the old woman also looked at each other, taking advantage of everyone's unpreparedness, they rushed directly into the secret realm.

   "These guys really are a gang!"

  Qi Changhai was also afraid. He didn't expect that Liang Kui, who appeared to be upright on the surface, turned out to be one of the masterminds behind the scenes, and even staged a play to deceive everyone present.

   It’s just that he didn’t expect that he would meet a more mysterious and unpredictable “disciple” who fooled all living beings, and he would directly share his heart and soul with him.

  'In this way, it is impossible to cooperate. Is this also in the calculation of the disciples...'

  Qi Changhai looked at the vigilant people and knew that the trust had been completely broken.

  After all, the ability of the disciples to change is already comparable to the rumored Brotherhood of the Faceless, making one wonder if there are still people pretending to be among them.

   This force is impossible to gather again.

  As expected, the rest of the people also chose their companions or went alone. No one proposed to act in a group. After taking the potion prepared in advance to counteract the miasma, they entered the secret realm of the Nest of Corruption one after another.

   "It's time to go!"

  Qi Changhai was also unwilling to be left behind, and directly let the golden-armored baboon rush in, but he didn't find Qi Wei behind him with dull eyes, recalling the disciple's appearance, and there was only one thought left in his mind:

   "Disciple, indeed..."

   "So elegant!"


  On the other side, the disciple...that is, Lu Yu, rushed into the secret realm of the nest of corruption, sprinted in a random direction for a certain distance, and after changing several times, he was relieved to ensure that no one followed him.

  He glanced at the twitching, gray-haired Shushu in his pocket, and said:

"Thanks a lot."

  If you want to be handsome in front of others, you have to suffer behind others.

Shushu's strength has improved, but he has not stepped into the golden rank. He used the Shield of Thousand Faces to block this desperate mystery by exhausting his mental strength, hundreds of thoughts, and a whole piece of life honey for battery life. one strike.

  The gap in strength between peak gold and spiritual transformation is too great.

   Unless two beasts join forces, a spiritual transformation can be suppressed.

  Although Shushu was directly emptied of the blue bar and couldn't hold the second shot, but achieving this step with the silver peak was enough to cause a sensation in the entire league.

   As expected of the future Rat Emperor!

"You're welcome…"

   Shushu said mechanically, and has entered the sage mouse mode. There is a feeling that all four things are empty, and the body is hollowed out.


  The little spider looked at Shushu with a worried expression, and handed over the second piece of life honey. After being eaten by Shushu, the latter gradually regained some strength, but his spirit was still numb.

  It began to recall some rustling thoughts, filling up the mental blank little by little, and its eyes quickly returned to clarity.

   "Shushu is resurrected!"

   Shushu stood up abruptly, heaved a sigh of relief, feeling lingering fear.

  I almost thought that I was going to become a monk hamster. This feeling of taking time out of my thoughts is really uncomfortable.

  Be sure to accumulate more ideas next time!

   Just used this as an excuse to ask the cultivator to give me a massage. After all, it is for work!

  Be confident!

  Xiu Ren, you don't want Shushu to be unable to block the attack, do you...

   "Hey hey hey..."

  Thinking of this, the thoughts in Shushu's mind began to explode, his clear eyes began to become cloudy, and his fur began to shine. Subconsciously, he wiped his saliva with his little paw.

  The little spider on the side looked at it dotingly, made a comb out of spider silk, and combed its messy hair.

  Looking at this harmonious scene, Lu Yu nodded slightly, and what made him even happier was that he killed a **** who plotted against him.

   Really think that he can't see through the disguise?

  As early as when he showed his evil intentions at the trade fair, Shushu recorded his soul breath.

   dare to plot against him,

   Don’t you know that someone Lu never takes revenge overnight?

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  (end of this chapter)