Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Web Novel)-Chapter 3843 - 917 - Laura’s Gift

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Chapter 917 – Laura’s Gift

“Of course, if you find that the price is too much, I am willing to settle for just one-third of the Tower of the Abyss’s shares.” Lunar River quickly amended her words when Shi Feng remained silent. Then, she continued in a confident tone, “Everlasting City’s competition will involve all three races living in the Eternal Realm, so its intensity will be unprecedented. Most participating pseudo-apex powers might have trouble occupying even one plot of land, let alone four.

“Although King’s Paradise has been operating behind the scenes for quite some time now, we can absolutely rival apex powers. We were only unlucky in timing when we tried to take the next step over half a century ago.”

Lunar River was confident that Shi Feng would ultimately side with King’s Paradise. This was because the average pseudo-apex power couldn’t even make any waves in an all-out fight among the three races, so Everlasting City’s competition was destined to be a contest among apex and royal powers.

If Zero Wing wished to survive the Eternal Realm’s upcoming disaster, its best choice would be to partner with King’s Paradise. Although it also had the option of partnering with one of the Nine Great Pseudo-Apex Powers, their asking price would be much more excessive.

In fact, Lunar River was certain that Shi Feng already knew why the Nine Great Pseudo-Apex Powers hadn’t taken action against Shadowring Town thus far. It was because they were waiting for the upcoming Void Beast Tide to destroy Shadowring Town and give them an opportunity to occupy the Tower of the Abyss for themselves.

“The Void Beast Tide, is it? That is indeed troublesome.” Shi Feng nodded. The monsters of the Void Beast Tide came from the depths of the void, so they had incredibly high levels. This was something he had witnessed in his previous life. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call the Void Beast Tide an apocalyptic disaster. Subsequently, he smiled at Lunar River and asked, “Miss River, may I know how your Guild compares to a royal power?”

“A royal power?” Shi Feng’s question stunned Lunar River. She couldn’t understand why he would ask such a question. However, she still made a rough estimate and answered, “Compared to the Holy Race’s royal powers that currently operate in the Eternal Realm, I’d say we have 30% of a royal power’s strength.”

“Thirty percent? That’s quite significant,” Shi Feng said, nodding. “That should put King’s Paradise in an above-average position in the struggle among the three races.”

“May I know what you mean by this, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Lunar River frowned at Shi Feng’s nonchalant evaluation. “Do you think King’s Paradise is weak?”

“No, that’s not what I meant,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. Then, he calmly smiled and continued, “What I mean is that King’s Paradise still isn’t strong enough to take one-third of the Tower of the Abyss’s shares.”

Shortly after the Holy Race constructed the Tower of the Abyss in his previous life, many of its royal powers had fought over it. At the time, apex powers weren’t even qualified to participate in the conflict. Yet, despite only rivaling apex powers, King’s Paradise dared to demand one-third of the Tower of the Abyss’s shares. It even demanded that the Tower of the Abyss be moved to its Guild City. This was nothing more than a pipe dream. King’s Paradise simply did not understand the horrors of owning the Tower of the Abyss.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, it is estimated that the next Void Beast Tide will occur in less than a month, while Everlasting City’s competition will be held tomorrow. This is Zero Wing’s last chance to get a good price. Once the competition is over, King’s Paradise’s price will no longer be as generous,” Lunar River said, half-amused and half-fuming. She had never imagined that there would come a day when someone would look down on King’s Paradise.

“Thank you for your goodwill. If there is nothing else, I will be taking my leave,” Shi Feng said before turning around and leaving. He had no intention of continuing this discussion.

“Bastard! Arrogant bastard! You are as arrogant as the rumors say!” When Shi Feng had left the room, Lunar River finally snapped, throwing Shi Feng’s teacup to the floor and cursing. “Fine! Have it your way! We’ll see if you can stay arrogant after the competition!”

After leaving the City Lord’s Manor, Shi Feng quickly rented a supersonic passenger plane through the God’s Domain Association, returned to Star Lake City, and logged back into God’s Domain. Additionally, he had Hidden Soul and Gentle Snow try to have all of Zero Wing’s Level 200-plus fifth-floor experts gather at Shadowring Town as soon as possible.

Although his discussions with Lunar River had not ended on a happy note, she had reminded him about Everlasting City’s competition.

Everlasting City’s competition was very well-known in his previous life during the Eternal Realm’s middle stages. This was because it was one of the few events where the three races had competed with one another using their full might. However, due to the Holy Race’s overwhelming strength, the human race never saw success in the competition. The various human powers could only rely on themselves to survive the Eternal Realm’s Void Beast Tides. Hence, the various human powers had suffered tragic losses whenever a Void Beast Tide occurred, with some even having their progress in the Eternal Realm wiped out.

Now that Zero Wing had Dragon’s Crown backing it, it naturally had to compete in Everlasting City’s competition.

When Shi Feng came online, he noticed a pair of big blue eyes staring at him. These eyes belonged to Heiser, the current strongest chosen one of Holy Dragon Spear.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, you’re finally back. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for you?” Heiser grumbled at Shi Feng.

“Do you have business with me?” Shi Feng looked at Heiser in surprise.

“Of course! Before my teacher left, she wanted me to pass on an item and a critical message to you,” Heiser said as she retrieved an old, dilapidated stone tablet from her bag. “Teacher said that you might have refused this item before, but you’d certainly need it in the future. She mentioned that it was especially useful for people who were challenging that step.”

A Golden Law? People who were challenging that step? Shi Feng was confused when he saw the stone tablet that Laura had offered to give him in the past.

The existence of Gold Tablets was no secret in the Greater God’s Domain. There were 88 Gold Tablets, each recording a complete Gold Combat Technique. For the various powers, it was indeed a precious treasure. Even for the current Zero Wing, a Gold Tablet could significantly add to the Guild’s foundation. However, Laura’s message puzzled him.

People who were challenging that step!

If Laura was referring to experts trying to advance to the sixth-floor standard, a complete Gold Combat Technique was indeed a helpful reference. However, it was by no means necessary. Moreover, judging by Laura’s words, she wasn’t referring to the sixth-floor standard.

“Ahh! I’m drained! Now that I’ve passed that item to you, I can finally log off!” After handing over the tablet, Heiser promptly pulled up her system interface and logged out of the game, leaving Shi Feng staring blankly at the stone tablet in his hand.

About half an hour later, a chill suddenly ran down Shi Feng’s spine as he looked at the seemingly familiar stone tablet.

A Goddess Tablet?!

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