Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Web Novel)-Chapter 3844 - 918 - Nineteenth Goddess Tablet

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Chapter 918 – Nineteenth Goddess Tablet

Could this be a mistake?

Shi Feng had analyzed Laura’s stone tablet using many mana interpretation methods. However, no matter how many methods he applied, the outcome was always the same.

They all pointed to the dilapidated tablet being a Goddess Tablet!

However, this Goddess Tablet wasn’t any of the eighteen Goddess Tablets. According to the information he deciphered, this was the nineteenth tablet the Goddess of Space had created long after the Eighteen Goddess Tablets.

At first glance, the stone tablet merely recorded three Golden Laws. In reality, these three Golden Laws were the key to unlocking the biggest secret contained within the Eighteen Goddess Tablets. They also served as a tracker for the Eighteen Goddess Tablets. However, this function cost 10,000 God Crystals per activation and had a cooldown of one natural day.

Ten thousand God Crystals per activation… Even apex powers would choke at this price. Shi Feng stared at the Nineteenth Goddess Tablet in exasperation. Originally, he wanted to contact Laura and ask her about the tablet, but he found that her name was grayed out, indicating that she couldn’t be reached. It seems I’ll have to find a solution on my own.

The Eighteen Goddess Tablets were indeed of utmost importance to him. They recorded rare and powerful combat techniques and Mana Techniques, and they were likely crucial to his promotion to Tier 7.

Judging by the actions of Ink Crystal’s party during the Continental Championship, the Crystallians knew how to advance to Tier 7. They even had a sixth-floor expert long before the Tower of the Abyss was constructed. Yet, never had he heard of anybody from any of the three races successfully getting promoted to Tier 7 in his previous life. This showed that the difficulty of reaching Tier 7 was beyond imagination.

Based on the information he had now, he was certain that sixth-floor experts fully equipped with Divine Artifacts were not strong enough to reach Tier 7. In other words, if he did not find a way to become even stronger, he’d have no chance of conquering his Tier 7 promotion land.

Besides the Fourth Goddess Tablet that I own, I know the whereabouts of two other Goddess Tablets. Therefore, I only need to accumulate 150,000 God Crystals to locate the remaining fifteen Goddess Tablets. After thinking it over, Shi Feng felt he had a good chance of collecting all of the Eighteen Goddess Tablets. He only needed 150,000 God Crystals to do so. But before that, I need to get my hands on an Eternal World Magic Array. Otherwise, Shadowring Town might not survive the impending disaster.

Shi Feng pulled up his Friends List and contacted Purgatory Jade.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, do you have good news for us again? You contacted me so soon after you came back online,” Purgatory Jade said jokingly.

“Vice Guild Leader Jade, you jest. But I do have a beneficial offer for Dragon’s Crown,” Shi Feng said, slightly shocked when he noticed the change in Purgatory Jade’s equipment.

It had only been a day since they last met, yet Purgatory Jade had already replaced her Level 240 Taboo Legendary Equipment with Fragmented Divine Artifacts. She had also replaced her previous shields with Divine Shields. The transformation was simply terrifying.

If he hadn’t known that Dragon’s Crown had no foundations in the Greater God’s Domain, he would have suspected that the Guild had been operating in the Primordial Dragon Sanctuary for many years already.

“Well, what is it?” Purgatory Jade asked, smiling. “So long as it is something Dragon’s Crown can accomplish, we will cooperate to the best of our abilities, Guild Leader Black Flame.”

After separating from Shi Feng, Purgatory Jade had promptly tasked Dragon’s Crown’s members with investigating the Primordial Dragon Sanctuary and the Greater God’s Domain. Although they couldn’t conduct a comprehensive investigation due to time constraints, they still managed to learn about Zero Wing’s circumstances in the Greater God’s Domain.

While Zero Wing might not be as strong as Purgatory Jade expected, she felt it was a worthwhile partner for Dragon’s Crown. On the contrary, Dragon’s Crown might even benefit from Zero Wing being weaker than expected. After all, this gave Dragon’s Crown more opportunities to display its value to Zero Wing, thereby encouraging Zero Wing to continue summoning Dragon’s Crown’s members to the Greater God’s Domain.

In only a day, Purgatory Jade had already benefited greatly from the Primordial Dragon Sanctuary, which increased her ambitions toward the Greater God’s Domain. Now, all she needed was more time to realize these ambitions, and the only way she could get more time in the Greater God’s Domain was by getting Zero Wing to keep summoning Dragon’s Crown’s members.

“I’m afraid I will need you all to take direct action this time, Vice Guild Leader Jade,” Shi Feng said after some thought. “As you will have to fight against many experts, how does 1,000 Intermediate Divine Engraving Scrolls sound?”

“Experts? Are they strong?” Purgatory Jade was surprised to hear Shi Feng mention the word “expert.”

Purgatory Jade knew about Shi Feng’s strength. While he might not be a sixth-floor expert, he was strong enough to trade blows with sixth-floor experts. Since he recognized their upcoming opponents as experts, it must mean that these opponents were quite strong.

However, according to their investigation, the Greater God’s Domain barely had any Half-step Mortal Gods, let alone bona fide sixth-floor experts.

“They are very strong!” Shi Feng said sternly.

Although he had never heard about any sixth-floor experts existing during the Eternal Realm’s early stages in his previous life, Ink Crystal’s appearance in the last Continental Championship proved that at least one hidden sixth-floor expert existed before the Tower of the Abyss’s advent. And now that Ink Crystal had revealed herself, her appearance might cause a butterfly effect that led to other hidden sixth-floor experts making their public debut.

If the Holy Race and the Crystallian race’s hidden sixth-floor experts were to appear, paired with their equipment advantage and the competition’s level restriction, Dragon’s Crown would be in for a tough fight.

“How interesting.” When Purgatory Jade saw Shi Feng’s serious expression, she knew he wasn’t joking. This led her to wonder how there could be so many experts in the Greater God’s Domain. “Okay, we’ll accept this deal. When will we meet? And where?”

“As soon as possible. I will send you the coordinates of our meeting point,” Shi Feng said as he sent his hotel’s coordinates to Purgatory Jade.

“Okay, we’ll be there in half an hour!” Purgatory Jade answered after looking at the coordinates. Then, she disconnected the call.

“Big Sis Jade, did something happen on Zero Wing’s side again?” Kowloon Demon asked as he looted the weapons and equipment scattered on the ground. They were all items dropped by players.

“It’s nothing. He just wants us to fight some experts,” Purgatory Jade said, smiling. “Alright, pack up! We’re returning immediately!”

“Are there really experts for us to fight in the Greater God’s Domain, Big Sis Jade?” Kowloon Demon asked, feeling a little frustrated as he looked at the ruins of the Twin Wolves Guild’s Holy City. “That Berserker God called Fierce Wolf who came to challenge us was supposed to be the Primordial Dragon Sanctuary’s sixth strongest expert. Yet, he didn’t last even one move against you.

“I thought the Twelve Sanctuaries were supposed to be the center of the Greater God’s Domain. If that guy’s performance is indicative of the Greater God’s Domain’s standards, I doubt any of the Greater God’s Domain’s experts can pose a challenge to us. This place is nothing like our homeworld.”

“Just obey my orders! You’ll get a chance to show off once we return!” Purgatory Jade glared at Kowloon Demon. Then, she promptly had everyone teleport back to Flame Vein Holy City using a Return Scroll.

On the other side, after his call with Purgatory Jade, Shi Feng promptly used a Tier 6 Teleportation Scroll to go to a vast forest several maps away from Flame Vein Holy City.

It should be fine to summon Kalisha here. After surveying his surroundings, Shi Feng retrieved the Empress’s Scales from his bag and activated the Primordial Dragon Legacy Crystal to summon Kalisha.

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