The Spirited Daughter-in-law and the Mountain Man-Chapter 61 - : 61 Wash Hair

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Chapter 61: 61 Wash Hair

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Su Qingyue was in her room, unwilling to change into clean clothes. She was too dirty and hadn’t taken a bath yet. If she changed her clothes now, they would get dirty again, and she didn’t want to wear dirty clothes after bathing. She also didn’t want to shamelessly ask her second brother for another set of clean clothes.

After thinking about it, she decided to just wear her wet clothes, and wait for her second brother to prepare the bathwater. Then, she would change out of her wet clothes after bathing. Her wet clothes had been sticking to her body for a while now, so it didn’t make much difference.

Just as Xiao Yuchuan was about to figure out what to do outside the door, Su Qingyue opened it.

He asked in surprise, “Wife, why don’t you change out of your wet clothes?”

She ignored him and went to the kitchen. She saw that the stove on both sides was burning firewood vigorously, one side was cooking rice, and the other was heating a large pot of hot water.

Her hair was dirtier than her body, so she thought she should wash her hair first.

Looking at the steaming hot water in the pot, she figured it must be hot.

There was already half a jar of water in the water jar, apparently, her second brother had already brought a load of water back. Otherwise, after adding water to the big pot to heat, there wouldn’t be so much left in the jar.

She looked around and found that there was only one washbasin in the kitchen. It was used for washing dishes and vegetables, and she had also used it to wash fruits earlier. Her hair was too dirty, so she didn’t plan on using it to wash her hair.

She looked around the storage room but didn’t find a washbasin that could be used for washing hair. She wondered what her second brother and his third brother used for washing their hair? Considering the bathtub hadn’t been used for a long time, perhaps her second brother and his third brother just went down to the river to wash themselves and their hair.

She only found a large wooden bathtub for bathing, which was heavy. She was weak now and felt it was a bit hard to lift it.

As she carried it into the yard, Xiao Yuchuan reached out to help her, “Wife, let me help you…”

She threw the bathtub on the ground in the yard and found two desks to put the wooden foot basin on.

“Wife, you’re not planning to take a bath in the yard, are you?” Xiao Yuchuan frowned, “That’s not good. What if the passing villagers see it… Should I go back to the room and find some bedsheets to tear up and help you block their view?”

Actually, he guessed that his wife wouldn’t really take a bath in the yard. He just wanted to tease her and make her smile. However, she didn’t even look at him once. The bathtub was placed so high, was it meant for washing hair?

Su Qingyue scooped a bucket of hot water from the kitchen and added cold water to it, making the water temperature suitable. She then added cold water to the pot to keep it nearly full and heated.

After bringing the water bucket to the yard, she originally intended to pour all the water into the bathtub to wash her hair. But after thinking about it, even with a large foot basin, her hair was so dirty that it would be difficult to wash it clean without running water.

So she bent down, holding the water bucket and stood by the fence. With one hand, she used the wooden ladle to pour water over her head.

If both of her hands could move, she could pour water over her head with one hand and wash her hair with the other. Unfortunately, her right wrist was injured, so she could only use her left hand to pour water, then put down the ladle, and use her left hand to wash her hair.

Seeing her struggle, Xiao Yuchuan kindly offered to help, ‘Wife, let me help you wash your hair…”

His hand had just touched her head when she glanced at him sideways and pushed him back.

The meaning was very clear — he needn’t bother to help. freewebnov(e)

She knew he wanted to help her wash her hair, but this guy always complained about how dirty and unattractive she was. She was not a fool, and she understood his feelings. Although she looked ugly right now, everyone had a love for beauty. Being disliked by others still made her unhappy..

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