The Spirited Daughter-in-law and the Mountain Man-Chapter 62 - : 62

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Chapter 62: 62

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Seeing that he was the benefactor’s younger brother, she decided not to argue with him.

However, she didn’t know him well and didn’t want to.

She was aware that ancient village life was extremely conservative, with strict gender restrictions. Even though she looked slovenly, she was still a woman, and having a stranger man wash her hair might provoke gossip.

It was better not to trouble others.

Xiao Yuchuan took a step back, feeling a little hurt, “Wife, what’s the matter? I’m just trying to help you… Are you still mad at me? I promise I’ll stay away from Liu Xianglian in the future. Even if she comes to buy goods from me, I won’t pay her any attention. Can you please not be angry anymore?”

Seeing that she didn’t respond, he continued to wash her hair.

He thought his wife was really jealous and angry. When he thought about how much his wife cared about him, he couldn’t help but feel a little smug. “Second Brother is right. You’re the one who belongs to our family, wife. Liu Xianglian is nothing. How could I upset you over her? Alright, as long as you’re not angry, your heart can be at ease, and you can gain some weight. So, you promise not to be angry, right?”

No response.

Actually, Su Qingyue couldn’t hear a thing.

Seeing her so silent, Xiao Yuchuan really couldn’t tell whether his wife was still angry or not. He wanted to help her but was afraid she was still upset.

Xiao Yishan returned with a load of water and saw Su Qingyue washing her hair in the yard with her wet clothes still on. He frowned, “Wife, wearing wet clothes will make you catch a cold. If you don’t want to wear clean clothes after a bath, you can just take a set from the cabinet.”

With a cold glance towards Xiao Yuchuan, he asked, “Third Brother, didn’t you tell your wife to change out of her wet clothes first?”

Xiao Yuchuan was also a bit helpless, “My wife locked herself in the room for a short while with the door closed. When she came out, she was still wearing her wet clothes. I don’t know what she was thinking.”

“What else could she be thinking?” Xiao Yishan said sternly, “She’s still angry at you.”

“…” Yuchuan guessed that was the case.

Xiao Yishan put the load of water in the yard and walked over to Su Qingyue.

He touched her shoulder and said, “Wife…” free(w)ebnovel(.)com

She turned her head, saw it was Second Brother, and nodded politely.

Yishan took out a large handful of green fruit-like objects from his pocket and handed them to her.

The fruits had bulging sides, slightly thick flesh, and were either straight-shaped or twisted, about three centimeters wide and about ten centimeters long. fre

These were soap pods!

Surprised, Su Qingyue realized she had been struggling to clean her sticky hair with just her hands and water. There used to be no shampoo or shower gel in ancient times. She knew that people in the past typically used soap pods to wash their hair and clothes.

Just as she was wondering where to pick soap pods, Second Brother brought some to her. She didn’t expect such a burly man to be so considerate.

Xiao Yishan went to the kitchen and returned to the yard with a big bowl, a round-headed pounding stick, and a face towel.

Su Qingyue understood and put the soap pods in the bowl. Xiao Yishan pounded the soap pods into a pulp, then poured the juice over Su Qingyue’s head.

Placing the bowl on the ground, he rubbed her dirty, smelly hair with his broad hands, washing it thoroughly.

She felt embarrassed but didn’t push him away.

In fact, she had injured her hand and really wanted someone to help her wash her hair. Second Brother was so kind to her and didn’t mind her smell, so she couldn’t refuse his help.

Xiao Yuchuan saw that his wife wouldn’t let him help, but obediently let

Second Brother help wash her hair,

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