Tales Of The World Devouring Serpent - Chapter 615.1 Fierce Battle (part 1)

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At this moment, under the clouds, a figure was looking above. It was as if his sight had penetrated the layers of clouds and saw the people above.

“Huh? This person…”

The face of the person called lord Li froze. In the next moment, his eyes lit up.

“A sage? I didn’t expect that a sage-level existence would truly appear today.”

After saying this, he stood up and waved his hands, causing the clouds below to immediately disappear. He looked straight at the unkempt old man below.

The same went for the unkempt old man. He looked at the young man above with a smile on his face, his expression didn’t change from the beginning to the end.

“Lord Li.”

At this time, the faces of the people beside the arrogant lord li became awe-inspiring, and one of them quickly said to him,

“Lord Li, there is something wrong with this person.”

“What could go wrong?” Young Master Li shook his head disdainfully,

“This person is nothing but a sage.”

Pausing for a moment, he smiled and said,

“Didn’t you say before that even if a sage appears here, he can only fall if I want him to fall?”

Hearing that, the other people were helpless. They were just flattering him before, but this guy took it seriously. Sage-level masters can’t be taken lightly.

Even if their background is unusual, they can’t be careless while facing a sage-level existence, otherwise, they will definitely suffer a big loss.

“Hehe, don’t worry, I’m not as reckless and stupid as you thought. When I came out this time, my father gave me some good things. Even facing a sage-level master, these things are enough for me to win.”

As if he knew what the people around him were thinking, lord Li sneered and explained. It can be seen that his self-confidence is not due to the compliments of these people, but because of his own father’s blessing.

The people next to him could only shut their mouths. They already know that no matter what they say, they can’t make this arrogant guy change his mind. They can only pray that the things that his father left him are useful.

The atmosphere in the Nanya became even more solemn. At this time, almost all the people who stupidly walked into this trap are dead. Only a few managed to escape in the end.

Among them were the white-dressed fat man and the white-haired old man. The gloomy youth who appeared afterward and five other peak immortal kings escaped. Except for them, none of the rest was able to escape.

The reason they managed to escape is due to their alertness and swiftness, otherwise, they would have also fallen in this place.

At the moment, the entire Nanya mountain and the mountains surrounding it have been enveloped by the lightning sea; Countless lightning bolts swept up the sky, dyeing the entire heavens and earth dark purple.

This area can already be considered an extremely dangerous zone rare throughout the universe. Even they, powerful immortal kings, dare not step in it.


Not far behind them, there were some weak cultivators. These guys have all come here and secretly watched from afar, looking for an opportunity to reap benefits in chaos, but now, they watched this doomsday-like scene with fear and regret.

This is not a place they should be in.

“Bo… Boss…”

Among these people, there was a particularly small and weak team. These guys never planned to come here, they were forced by others.

These guys encountered Fang Yun in the sea, then ventured into the Tianhu secret realm to hunt monsters and compensate for their losses. Unfortunately, shortly after they entered the secret realm, they encountered the unkempt old man and were forced to lead him here.

“Boss, we… should go.”

Amongst the bearded captain’s team, a young man couldn’t stop shaking as he said. Apparently, he was terrified to the extreme.


​​The bearded captain swallowed his saliva and said;

“Let’s go! Right away!”

They have no idea what will happen here later, but the only thing that is certain now is that this is no longer a place that the likes of them can stay in.

In fact, a lot of the weaker cultivators were thinking the same. They looked at the lightning sea with looks of terror, then rapidly retreated.


After hesitating at this moment, the white-robbed fat man looked at the side and said.

“What are you going to do now?”

“A powerhouse of the sage level has appeared and if I guessed right, the man above, the one called lord Li, should come from the ninth cosmic area. He should be the son of the heavenly star.”

“Let’s go, we can’t do anything here.”

The white-haired old man hesitated for a moment, then sighed and said. He reluctantly glanced at the figure in the air, then turned around and prepared to leave.

Seeing the behavior of the white-haired old man, the white-dressed fat man also turned and left. The rest looked at each other, then followed them to leave.

“Let’s go.”

Several people banded together and prepared to leave, but suddenly, an earth-shattering blast sounded behind them.

Almost subconsciously, they stopped.

​​The farthest ones from the battlefield were the bearded captain group. They were galloping outward at their maximum speed. Their current location was grassland that stretches out for thousands of kilometers.

As they quickly ran away, everyone couldn’t help but think about the situation they just experienced. It’s so surreal. Incredible powerhouses that they might never meet in their lives appeared in droves in front of them.

Suddenly, an explosion sounded.

These people also subconsciously stopped, then turned and looked behind them.

The great mountains far away were still enveloped by the lightning sea, but the lightning sea shook at this moment. Many bursts appeared then disappeared inside it in a short period. It seems that someone inside of it is fighting.

“I just swallowed the souls of thirteen peak immortal kings. Naturally, I can burst out with sage-level combat power. Although I can only maintain this state for three minutes, it shouldn’t be difficult to take you down, old fellow.”

Lord Li, who was standing in the sky, sneered and said. However, just as he said this, his body trembled, and his figure was a little illusory. It was as if he was isolated in another time and space. What remained in front of them was nothing more than a projection.

The rest of the people on the battlefield were speechless upon seeing this. This Young Master Li spoke smack very confidently, but before the battle even started, he quickly used his ultimate defense ability.

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