The Marriage of an Esteemed Supreme Healer, a Noble Ruler - Chapter 1340 - Discussion  

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Chapter 1340: Discussion

Facing Elder Hua Feng’s series of questions, Jiang Zhiyuan kept quiet as tears streamed down her face.

Anyone who saw it would think that she had met with something unfortunate and was aggrieved. However, Shi Rui’er seemed unaffected by this as she calmly asked. “We’re not standing here to watch you cry. Answer Elder Hua Feng’s questions properly and clearly. Only then can we help you, right?”

This sentence made Jiang Zhiyuan choke. She couldn’t cry, but she couldn’t stop either.

The tear stains on her face seemed very awkward.

Chu Liuyue silently glanced at Shi Rui’er. Previously, I still thought I had assumed wrong. But now, I can confirm that Shi Rui’er indeed doesn’t like Jiang Zhiyuan. It can even be said that Shi Rui’er hates her, and it’s the type of hate that she doesn’t conceal. Jiang Zhiyuan also seems rather fearful of her. After being lectured, she didn’t retort and didn’t even dare to show her emotions of being upset. I wonder what happened between the two… 

“W-we did come to the Flood-Desert Northern Region together previously. Not long after we came out from the transportation formation, we were ambushed…”

“Who is the one that attacked you?” Elder Hua Feng immediately questioned.

Jiang Zhiyuan shook her head with lingering fear. “N-nobody… Just a Xuan formation…”

Elder Hua Feng and the rest glanced at each other and thought that they had expected it.

“That Xuan formation is very powerful. Elder Bo Yan and the others had to work together to break it open forcefully. However, only a portion of us could escape. The remaining people…” Fear flashed across her eyes. “At that time, the ground suddenly collapsed, and they all—”

“After they disappeared, the ground got patched up again… I-I don’t know how they’re doing now…” As she spoke, she couldn’t help but tear up again. But as if she were afraid of Shi Rui’er lecturing her again, she hurriedly turned away and wiped her face.

Elder Hua Feng asked with a low voice, “How many people escaped?”

Jiang Zhiyuan’s gaze flickered as she answered hesitantly, “A-about… 50 or 60 people… About ten elders and 30 or 40 students. However, I didn’t see the specific numbers very clearly at that time…”

Everyone’s hearts sank.

Fifty or sixty people… A total of 300-plus came from Ling Xiao Academy! At this moment, they directly lost more than half of their people, and their fates were unknown.

If something really happened… it would have a huge impact on Ling Xiao Academy!

“Since you escaped with the rest, why are you alone now?” asked Shi Rui’er calmly.

Jiang Zhiyuan shuddered and looked down slightly, and she seemed heartbroken and in despair.

“I-I don’t know either… We were originally together. Elder Bo Yan said he wanted to try and get those people back, but we were quickly ambushed again. That was also when I accidentally separated from them… I don’t know where the others are as well…”

As she spoke, she rubbed her eyes. “If I didn’t meet you, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to walk out of here…”

Her miserable-looking state seemed to correspond to the experiences she mentioned.

Elder Hua Feng and the rest had stern expressions. Originally, they thought that they could get some clues by finding Jiang Zhiyuan, but it now seemed like it wouldn’t work.

The other party prepared very meticulously and didn’t even reveal their faces, yet they managed to trick so many people from Ling Xiao Academy.

Just Jiang Zhiyuan alone might really be unable to say anything. It would probably be very hard to find the others.

“Which way did you run from?” Shi Rui’er stared at Jiang Zhiyuan and asked, “There’s so much snow here. Every step you take must exhaust a large amount of your force. You… wouldn’t have walked too far out alone, right?”

If they walked according to Jiang Zhiyuan’s escape route, they might be able to find something.

Jiang Zhiyuan was dazed and bit her lips. “I-I was busy escaping and only knew to run forward. I don’t know how many times I’ve changed directions and how far I ran. This place has no boundaries or ends. I-I really can’t remember…”

Only plain white snow gathered in between the sky and the earth as if there were no boundaries. There wasn’t even a reference point here, so it was naturally very hard to ascertain their direction and positions.

Shi Rui’er knitted her brows and didn’t speak further.

Elder Hua Feng glanced at another elder, who said, “I’ll treat her wound first. When she gets better, we can continue going forward.”

Jiang Zhiyuan looked grateful. “Thank you, Elder.”

However, Shi Rui’er turned around and gazed at Elder Hua Feng. “Elder, could you step aside to talk?”

Elder Hua Feng nodded.

The two of them walked to the side.

Jiang Zhiyuan glanced at them and knitted her brows undetectably. It has already been so long, and Shi Rui’er indeed still doesn’t like me. I wonder what method she is going to use to deal with me… However, she brought so many Flying Star Sect people with her. I can’t go against her…

Suddenly, from the corner of her eyes, she saw Chu Liuyue behind the crowd.

“Chu Yue?! Why are you here?!” Jiang Zhiyuan couldn’t help but yell in shock. When we were leaving, didn’t Chu Yue say that he was ill and didn’t come? Why did he appear here again? 

Chu Liuyue smiled slightly. “What? Senior Sister Jiang, are you very surprised that I’m here?”

Jiang Zhiyuan suddenly thought of something and glanced at the elder treating her wound. “Elder, y-you brought Chu Yue over?”

That elder didn’t even look up and replied, “Yeah.”

Jiang Zhiyuan couldn’t help but say, “H-how can this do?”

“Why can’t it happen?” That elder took out herbs, placed them on Jiang Zhiyuan’s elbow wound, and said with a smile, “Chu Yue had already passed the evaluation beforehand, but something cropped up suddenly, so he didn’t manage to come. Now that we planned on coming here, we just brought him along.”

“But—” Jiang Zhiyuan still wanted to say something, but looking at the smile on the elder’s face, she suddenly realized something and sharply swallowed her remaining words. She then quickly glanced at the other elders and realized that they seemed to have a decent attitude toward Chu Yue.

She retracted her gaze, and countless doubts filled up her heart. Why… What exactly is going on? These few elders clearly came after us, so they shouldn’t bring any other students along. Yet, why did they bring Chu Yue? Do they not feel that bringing such a person will hold them back? 

Jiang Zhiyuan had too many questions, but she was very good at reading the situation. At this moment, everyone seemed to have a good impression of Chu Liuyue, so she naturally knew what to say and what not to—especially… when there was a Shi Rui’er at the side. Originally, I really thought that I was going to die. Who would’ve thought that I would meet Elder Hua Feng and the others on the brink of death? No matter what, I have to stick with them this time!

On the other side, Shi Rui’er and Elder Hua Feng had already walked to the side.

Elder Hua Feng had even specifically put up a barrier in case other people eavesdropped. His instincts told him that Shi Rui’er had something to say.

As expected, Shi Rui’er spoke in a straightforward manner after they stood still. “Elder Hua Feng, are you really going to bring Jiang Zhiyuan with us?”

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