Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws - Chapter 1106 - I Can Kill A Bunch Of Them With A Slap, The Void Valley, All Parties Gather  

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Chapter 1106: I Can Kill A Bunch Of Them With A Slap, The Void Valley, All Parties Gather


Jin Diyi had killed a Fifth-grade Earthen Immortal in a second!

Out of nowhere, the news spread. It made the cultivators who thought that Jin Diyi could not defeat Chu Kuangren so uneasy that they started to investigate.

It turned out that the news was true!

Not only that, but Jin Diyi probably did not use his full strength when he killed the Fifth-grade Earthen Immortal and several other Earthen Immortals.

“A plot twist! I didn’t expect Jin Diyi to possess such terrifying strength and instantly kill a Fifth-grade Earthen Immortal!”

“It can only be done by either a top-notched Ninth-grade Earthen Immortal or a Heavenly Immortal, and Jin Diyi is most likely hiding his strength. Tsk tsk, he should not be underestimated.”

“It looks like Chu Kuangren has encountered a formidable enemy this time.”


“As expected of Yokai Hall’s Crown Prince.”

“It is rumored that the Yokai Ruler’s true form is the divine beast, Golden Crow, so Jin Diyi must also have the Golden Crow bloodline. In your opinion, what divine beast bloodline do you think he has? Could he be a pure-blooded Golden Crow?!”

“It’s possible…”

The outcome of the final Battle of Destiny was one-sided at first. However, now that Jin Diyi had made a powerful move to prove his strength, many people switched sides and thought that Jin Diyi would win.

“As I’ve said, Jin Diyi is Yokai Hall’s Crown Prince, so how could he be so foolish as to court death himself? It turns out he’s confident.”

“Tsk. It looks like Chu Kuangren’s undefeated legend will come to an end.”

“That’s right. After all, the universe is not a stage solely for him. It’s time for someone else to perform.”

“Nothing lasts forever.”

The outside world was in chaos.

However, Chu Kuangren was relaxing in the Hundred Academy.

He did not take Jin Diyi’s challenge seriously. When the time came, he would take it as if he was killing a fly.

“Boss, I heard Jin Diyi killed a Fifth-grade Earthen Immortal in a second,” said Lil Fox while rushing into the courtyard.

She was shocked upon hearing the news just now. After all, the Fifth-grade Earthen Immortal was a top-notched elite in Planquilon Immortal World.

Yet, he was killed in seconds?

Was Jin Diyi so powerful?!

Therefore, she immediately ran back to inform Chu Kuangren to see if he had any strategy.

Chu Kuangren, too, was surprised to learn about the news and know that Jin Diyi’s strength was more powerful than the other Fated Ones.

However, he did not seem to care much about it. Looking at the fearful Lil Fox, he yawned and said nonchalantly, “Noted.”

Lil Fox was stunned for a moment. ‘Is this his reaction?’

“Boss, don’t you have any opinions?”

“What do you think?”

Lil Fox was a little confused. “Boss, even though you’re very powerful, Jin Diyi doesn’t seem weaker than you. You…”

At that moment, Chu Kuangren was drinking tea while reading a book and enjoying Lan Yu’s shoulder massage.

“You don’t seem to be worried at all.”

Was that a good thing?

Lil Fox was speechless.

“All he did was kill a Fifth-grade Earthen Immortal. What is there to be worried about? I can kill a bunch of them with a slap,” said Chu Kuangren calmly.

‘Uh… Kill a bunch of them with a slap?’

‘What do you think Earthen Immortals are?!’

‘Aren’t you an Earthen Immortal too?’

Lil Fox had no idea how to respond.

“Forget it, Boss. No matter what, you’re the most powerful,” said Lil Fox.

After all, having been following Chu Kuangren for many years,Lil Fox worshipped Chu Kuangren almost blindly.

The Void Valley was a dangerous place in Planquilon Immortal World.

It was unstable with spatial turbulence that would draw people into the void, hence its name, Void Valley. Besides explorers, very few people would visit here.

However, outside the Void Valley was crowded today.

Many people resisted the spatial turbulence in their warships and soon came to the periphery of the Void Valley. They were all eagerly waiting for something to happen.

The ten-day period was approaching!

“So many people are here.”

A few young cultivators gathered on a warship. They were amazed just by looking at the densely packed warship and cultivators.

“Look, that’s an Immortal!” a young lady suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

Several streams of lights shot across their heads. They were Immortals, with Immortal’s Core energy fluctuations emanating from them.

They soared across the sky without the help of warships and treasures as they could ignore the surrounding spatial turbulence by relying on their strength.

That was an Immortal’s ability.

The young lady was extremely excited as Immortals were rare among Planquilon Immortal World’s cultivators.

“Senior Brother, is this battle that important? It has attracted so many Immortals here.” Then, the young lady asked while looking at a young man beside her.

Although they came from an immortal orthodoxy, Immortals were still unapproachable beings to them.

“Of course.” The young man who was called Senior Brother nodded and then said solemnly, “Junior Sister, this battle might be one for the history books! Both parties are the younger generation’s sky-prides. In fact, it’s inappropriate to regard them as a younger generation. Although they are of the same generation as us, they are already at the pinnacle of strength in Planquilon Immortal World!”

“I know one of them is Jin Diyi. Having been down the hill for the past few days, I’ve heard rumors about him killing a Fifth-grade Earthen Immortal in seconds. Oh my god. That’s scary.”

The young lady thought it was unfathomable.

In her opinion, ordinary Immortals were already superior, let alone Earthen Immortals, who were a level stronger than ordinary ones.

“Well, Jin Diyi’s strength is surprising, but on the other side of the battle, Chu Kuangren is even more of a legend!”

Upon mentioning Chu Kuangren, there was an almost fanatical admiration in the young Senior Brother’s eyes.

Next to him, the Junior Sister could not understand him. “Is Chu Kuangren as powerful as you’ve mentioned, Senior Brother?”

“Junior Sister, you don’t know about him as you’ve been in closed-door meditation for the past few years. Chu Kuangren is truly a legend…”

The young Senior Brother immediately introduced Chu Kuangren to his Junior Sister with admiration.

The depth of the Void Valley was the most dangerous area out of all, where the space would crack from time to time, causing a lot of spatial turbulence.

Even Immortals must resist it all the time by using their Immortal’s Core.

A group of Immortals gathered in the void.

Almost all orthodoxies’ higher-ups, such as Jade Clarity Immortal Sect, Hundred Academy, Holy Judgement Sect, Sycamore Mountain, Great Yuan Divine Dynasty, and many more were here.

“I can’t believe the Honorable Yokai Hall would choose to fight in such a place,” said Gong Yue while looking at the Void Valley before her.

Next to her, Shang Honghua frowned. “It’s intentional. They knew that the King is good at Spatial Technique, and that’s why they’ve chosen to fight in this volatile space. They want to make sure that the King can’t use his spatial technique with such circumstances.”

“Their intention is more than that.”

The Dean approached and said while looking at the Void Valley, “You’ll know if you carefully observe the leylines here.”

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